Your Personal Knowledge Graph

A central place for all your personal knowledge, organized and connected.

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Unified Data Model

Represent your data in a unified and flexible data model that can be easily connected.


Every piece of knowledge can be captured and connected in a unified graph.

Even better, you can reuse information from Wikidata.

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Explore your data with complex queries

Node can be aggregated and presented in different ways.

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Rich content

Rich text content, allows to easily embed image/video, TODO items etc.
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One app to rule them all

  • Manage your contacts, with CardDAV support
  • Take your everyday notes, easily publish to a static website
  • Personal calendar, which can be subscribed in other systems such as Google Calendar
  • Keep personal journals, show them in calendar
  • Personal finance, easily aggregate and track your spending, link to your calendar events
  • And more...

Manage your data like a Pro

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