Your Personal Knowledge Graph

A central place for all your personal knowledge, organized and connected.

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One data model

Represent your data in a unified and flexible data model that can be easily connected.

Covers all your use cases

Care the people you know

Manage people information the way it should be.

Record your encounters, get reminded about their recent updates.

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Idea capture, curation and publish

Rich text content, allows to easily embed image/video, TODO items etc.

Explore your data with complex queries

Node can be aggregated and presented in different ways.

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Manage personal finance with ease

Automatically sync your transactions from over 2,000 financial institutions. Track you spending over time, and manage your recurring expenses with ease.
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And many more

  • Connected in a unified graph
    Every piece of your knowledge can be captured and connected in a single graph, stored at a single place. It shares the same vocabulary with Wikidata, the world's largest open knowledge repository.
  • Search and aggregate
    Discover your knowledge through powerful search and aggregation queries. Easily gain insights through the graph view.
  • Open to other applications
    Wherever possible, we expose the data to other applications for ease of use. Access your contacts from iOS, or calendar events from Google Calendar, it's all your choice.
  • Static site publishing
    From initial idea capture, to draft writing, and when you are ready, publish to the world, all in a single system. You can also preview changes and keep multiple revisions of the public pages.
  • Calendar view
    Visualize your data in the calendar view, such as people's birthday or financial transactions. The data can be accessed in other systems such as Google Calendar.
  • Daily journal
    Keep a personal journal, to organize your thoughts, record your ideas, or plan and reflect. You can easily link to a date and show journals in a calendar view.
  • Flexible and extensible
    The data model is highly flexible and allow you to build custom functionalities with ease. Use our API to pragmatically add any data.
  • Track you personal health
    You can also use Hyperlink to store and track your personal health data, such as weight/height. We also provide growth charts for your little one.
  • Weekly summary
    Get weekly summary Email for your review and plan for the upcoming week.
  • And more
    We are constantly improving and add new functionalities. Read more in the documentation.

Your data stays yours, forever

We take security and privacy seriously. Under no circumstance will we sell you data to anyone. We also make sure only you can access your data. You are also free to migrate off Hyperlink whenever you want, with the complete data.

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